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    How to Become a Fashion Model

    Although the journey of becoming a fashion model is exceptionally challenging, stressful and demanding, you shouldn’t be discouraged instead become more motivated like the models in a company like duval. For models that are still starting up, so much information coming from books, websites and swirling around in modelling forums can be very overwhelming and confusing. So, to help you get started, we enumerate below some simple steps that could significantly help you in this tough path.


    1. Snapshots


    company like duvalBasic snapshots are the only photos you need to present at the beginning to the modelling agents and scouts. These talent companies or scouts will look for a nice shot of you while smiling and not, see both left and right profiles of your face and body as well as a full-length shot of both your front and back.


    It is not necessary that you wear and show an extravagant dress because skinny jeans, leggings or any form-fitting clothing together with a simple tank top or t-shirt can do. Also, if you are comfortable and confident wearing swimsuits, then don’t hesitate to include some shots of it as well. Whether one-piece or two-piece, any of them will do perfectly fine. While for male models, on the other hand, wearing swimming trunks or boxer shorts, or jeans without a shirt in at least one photo is highly recommended as they need to show the agents their fitness level.


    1. Professional Evaluation


    girl modelAfter being said to be as the prettiest girl or guy in the school or hearing the family and friends tell you that have what it takes to be a model, both men and women are urge and driven to try it out. There are also some new models that start their quest after winning some local modelling competitions. Although it is a good start, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is what the agencies are specifically searching. That’s why it is imperative that before you invest too much time as well as money in this career get a potential modelling evaluation first through a reputed company like duval agency.


    1. Find the Right Market


    The term that significantly refers to the various geographical locations in which models work and earn a living is “market”.  For instance, Tokyo is a “market”, New York is a “market”, and Paris is a “market” and so on. The word “market” can also imply to the category your look falls into like the commercial market, fashion, plus or small market. Although you see a lot of supermodels in significant magazines and expertly walking the runways for top clients generally work in every market, keep in mind that there are still some successful models who only work on one or two markets. Thus, don’t hesitate to show off and don’t give up easily because each one has its own “market”.


    Lastly, if you need help in finding the right market for your distinctive look, come and visit an experienced agent or company like duval agency that can significantly help you.